(Cuckoo) Birds Of A Feather

(Cuckoo) Birds Of A Feather

They say “birds of a feather, flock together.”

That’s bad news when we’re talking about cuckoo birds who have their hands on the levers of local government power.

Schott in the Dark has already documented Irvine Mayor Pro Tem Lynn Schott’s disturbing, alarming devotion to convicted fraudster Farzeneh Akhavi aka Frances Akhavi aka Frances Meshkin, who is currently being prosecuted under a multi-count federal indictment and faces imprisonment for the rest of her life.

Irvine isn’t the only city where Akhavi plied her fraudulent wares. She’s also a close associate of one of the nuttiest, most unethical and dishonest people ever to luck into Orange County elected office: Former Lake Forest Councilman Adam Nick (who, like Akhavi, has an aka: Afshin Nikmanesh).

Any mystery surrounding the friendship and collaboration between Akhavi and Nick is dispelled by this eye-popping Voice of OC profile of Nick published in 2015. In it, reporter Adam Elmharek documents how Nick:

* According to (former Lake Forest Councilmember Kathryn) McCullough, Nick tried to bribe her at least twice — once during a lunch at Sizzler and the other time at a boy scouts meeting. She said Nick offered to match her regular council salary in exchange for her resignation from the council and threatened to “destroy” her if she didn’t take the offer.

* Councilman Dwight Robinson confirmed that Nick also tried to give him cash. However, he said Nick didn’t offer it again after Robinson explained that it’s illegal for council candidates to accept cash. Robinson said he accepted a check for his council campaign from Nick instead.

* During the course of reporting for this article, Nick offered to pay a Voice of OC reporter for stories about Lake Forest politics. “I’m not cheap,” Nick said. “I’ll compensate you for your time.”

Nick was defeated for re-election in 2016. Last year and this year, he has been wasting the city’s time and money by funding nuisance campaigns attempting to recall Lake Forest Councilman he considers his enemies, such as Dwight Robinson, Scott Voigts and Andrew Hamilton.

Guess who introduced this cancer into Lake Forest’s body politic? Lynn Schott’s close friend, Frances Akhavi.

The Good Book tells us “you are the company you keep,” wisdom that for millennia has been handed down to children by parents, teachers and other wise, caring souls.  Irvine residents should carefully consider the company their Mayor Pro Tem, Lynn Schott, keeps. The symbiotic relationship between Adam Nick and Frances Akhavi speaks volumes about them both. So what does it say about Lynn Schott that she is so totally devoted to a convicted criminal and shady politcal actor like Akhavi that she would skip her duties as an elected official to fly to Arizona in order to support and possibly testify on Akhavi’s behalf in a federal courtroom?

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