Lynn Schott Named One of “OC’s Scariest People” By OC Weekly

Lynn Schott Named One of “OC’s Scariest People” By OC Weekly

Happy Halloween! And to mark the occasion, we’d like the share Mayor Pro Tem Lynn Schott’s selection by the OC Weekly as one of OC’s Scariest People for 2017:

We’re accustomed to encountering delusional politicians in Orange County, but the first-term Irvine City Councilwoman is a rare cat. Schott lost her credibility this year in hopes of protecting Frances Akhavi, a local political activist who moved to the Phoenix area and found herself under FBI arrest for money laundering, identity theft, income-tax evasion and wire fraud. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Akhavi spent years “fraudulently extracting” at least $1.24 million from unwitting acquaintances. Yet, Schott, who was often seen hobnobbing around Irvine with the con artist, described her pal—who forced an upcoming 2018 trial by reneging on her guilty plea deal—as “a national treasure.” Mitigating factor: The world would be a better place if more politicians openly admitted their relationships with crooks.

Keep making Irvine proud!

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