Recapping The Misadventures of Lynn Schott

Recapping The Misadventures of Lynn Schott

Summer is here, the days are longer and Schott In The Dark is here to shine the spotlight on the misadventures of Irvine Councilmember Lynn Schott.

Before moving forward, let’s re-cap some highlights from 2017:

  • Schott cast the lone “no” vote on the police contract. Non-essential city staff get paid time off between Christmas and New Year’s Day, but police do not (for obvious reasons). The contract balanced that by putting 1.25% of police officers’ pay into retirement health savings accounts. In an era of rising crime, Schott postured against the entire police contract over a tiny, inexpensive fringe benefit that accounts for just 0.13% of the city budget.
  • Joined Larry Agran in playing politics with the Orange County Veterans Cemetery. She helped empower Agran and now Irvine is back to square one with a cemetery site that the city lacks the funds to build.
  • There’s the long, tawdry tale of her inexplicable loyalty and support for convicted felon Frances Akhavi, who will be spending the next several years in a federal prison after pleading guilty to bank fraud, tax evasion, wire fraud and money laundering. If her past track record is any indication, Schott will be a frequent visitor to Akhavi on visiting day at The Pen.

That just scratched the surface.

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