Schott Impugns Patriotism of Opponents, Then Leaves Council Meeting Early

Schott Impugns Patriotism of Opponents, Then Leaves Council Meeting Early

We noted recently noted, Councilmember Lynn Schott takes a part-time approach to her part-time council duties, missing 65% of council meetings so far this year. That pattern continued in micro form at the July 10 city council.

The July 10 Irvine City Council meeting was pretty important. It dealt with how to proceed with building a Veterans Cemetery in the wake of the passage of Measure B, which nullifies last year’s land swap that would allow the Veterans Cemetery to be built more quickly for $40 million less.

Schott’s council ally, Jeff Lalloway, had agendized moving forward with the more expensive and troublesome ARDA site. While Schott managed to make it to the council meeting, she stayed just long enough to cast a vote on the matter before scooting on home, while her colleagues carried on city business for the remainder of the meeting.

Schott said she’s “not interested in the cheapest way” to build the Veterans Cemetery. She complained that public discussion of the cost of the cemetery and a discussion of the difference of over $40-$80 million of taxpayer money in two sites had become “a race for the bottom and I will just let you know that I’m not interested in that.” Schott proceeded to race to the bottom by impugning the patriotism of those who supported the Strawberry Field site because it is $40 million cheaper:

To those who say “I don’t want to spend the money”…when the veterans that I know…the phrase, “Yeah, I’ll sign up but I don’t want to risk a drop of my blood for you”…that was a phrase that never came out of their mouths.

And so for us to turn around and say “I don’t want to spend a dime of city money on this cemetery”…I don’t know a civil word, really, to describe that.

Not only is Schott’s argument a straw man, but veterans didn’t serve so that politicians could needlessly waste the public’s money, either. For all Schott’s virtue signaling about not “racing to the bottom,” Schott sure raced to the bottom quickly.

Come to think of it, maybe Irvine residents are better off if Schott continues skipping council meetings while collecting her councilmember paychecks.

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